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इस औरत ने 9 शादी कीं लेकिन कोई भी पति इसे संतुष्ट नही कर सका -

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इस औरत ने 9 शादी कीं लेकिन कोई भी पति इसे संतुष्ट नही कर सका...

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A woman made a weird record of love and marriage. After one, he married nine people. The ruckus took place when husband number-8, claiming a woman, knocked on the police.

According to the police, a woman residing in the Sadar area in Lakhimpur town, had been with a young man ten years ago. After a few days, husband and wife became confused. After this, he married the other man with the intention of breaking the relationship with her husband. Along with the second relationship, the story of separatism became a bit later. If the woman married third, then that relationship did not last too much. Every time a woman was having a rift in her relationship with her husband, and she made one and the other life partner. After the eighth marriage, there was some stability in the relationship, after marrying a person from Farhad, the woman was with him for five years. During this he became the mother of four children. Time passed ahead, then there was a dispute between husband and wife. When he did not feel with the eighth husband, he married Ninth, and left the tree and started coming in Mohamedi. The eighth spouse does not sit silent like the others. He filed a report in the Faradhan station. The accused alleged that Mohammadi's young man had taken his wife with his wife and went away with him. Police then engaged in the search for the woman and her ninth husband. After a lot of research, his address was handy. The police caught the woman and her 9th husband from there. The woman was a child. She was sent to the women police station from Fardhan police station.

After this the police was presented before the magistrate. When the woman expressed her desire to go with the ninth husband, the claim of the eighth husband was rejected. So when the ninth husband got through the police, she realized that her wife had left her eight husbands before, she too got nervous. He told the police that the woman will not be taken along. At the same time, the woman used to go with her. After much explanation, the new husband is ready. After this the women went with her taking the children.

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